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We work 24/7 for you, and our loan programs are fast and easy! Let us simplify the loan process so you can spend less time pondering about receiving the funds, and spend more time pondering about spending the funds. We understand that it’s extremely important to provide fast, and efficient funding which will allow you to invest, and reinvest quickly.

The Definition and Benefit of a Hard Money Loan

Hard money loans are often used in real estate investing. Hard money loans are also known as “asset-based loans”, “bridge loans”, or “short-team asset-backed bridge loans”. They are used for short term financing, and are always secured by an asset. A traditional mortgage lender does not offer hard money loans, and hard money loans are often used by real estate investors, house flippers, and real estate developers. These types of loans can be quicker, easier, and a “stress free” option to secure an investment purchase or refinance without the hassle of providing personal tax returns, or business tax returns, or a ton of  documentation that is typically required during the approval process by tradisional financial institutions.

When might it make sense to use a Hard Money Loan in real estate deals?

The purpose of using these types of loans is to secure a property to renovate or develop, and ultimately sell it for a profit. An investor may choose a hard money loan option over a conventional loan option because of the faster timeframes to receive funds, or in some cases an investor may not quality for a conventional loan because they have too many properties, or their debt to income ratio may be too high with the addition of the new property. Because of the convenience the hard money loan options offers, the interest rates will be more adjusted than the conventional options, however the goal isn’t to keep the hard money loan long term, and we certainly have options to refinance the hard money loan.

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